Have you ever been charged with finding a trend in the media? How about figuring out how far-reaching your company’s news has been? What about that mound of data that needs to be organized so that it becomes meaningful? Do you want to know how your branding is being affected by social media? We step in and use fee based databases as well as social media to help you determine the tone and scope of your press coverage. If you are looking to go after a new client, this type of research can be especially important.

  • Current Awareness — monitoring your topic – company, product, competitors or industry
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Online Research
  • Data analysis and trend reports

Representative projects:


Request: Could you find what drives consumers to brick and mortar retail stores? We have a client who is bringing something to market and wants to make sure that their marketing campaign is on target and their dollars are well spent so that they can get the maximum people to know about their new product.

Solution: Research social media sites and websites that are used to attract people to certain stores. Investigate competitor store webpages and what promotions they are running and if there was any media coverage as to how well this push went.


Request: Monitor an international conference for current media awareness of a topic of interest, compiling reports with original reporting to make sure that the data was presented to the public in a time sensitive and factual way.

Solution: Put in place searches that would continuously search for-fee databases for the topics of interest. Created documents to track the original reporting that was generated by a press release. Created a chart that tracked impressions of these original articles. Forwarded original articles in real time so the client could verify that all the data was represented as factual.


Request: Search current news concerning a cruise line to ascertain what news was being reported and in what outlets and in what geographical areas.

Solution: Search a for-fee database to see what news was reported. Provide the client with a general overview of where the news was published and in what categories. The client used this data engage a new client.


Request: We have a large amount of data and we need to organize it. We had an intern start the project, but they won’t be able to finish it.  We don’t know what they have done to this point.

Solution: Determined what format the data should be in to be best used by the client. Reviewed the data and see what has been done, organized the data into a usable form. Provided a summary of what was done and how to access the information to use it more easily.